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The Green standard:

Pre-(cleaning) essentials


Single Use Microfiber Wipes

Ensure that flexible channel-less ENT endoscopes and the TEE probes are effectively (pre-)cleaned removing 99% of bacteria without additional cleaning agents, ensuring user safety and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Details: One carton containing 4 rolls, each with 180 pre-perforated wipes.

Ease of use:

Pre-perforated wipes for quick access.


Pre (cleans) effectively without additional agents.


Microfiber Wipes Dispenser

Promotes hygiene and convenience by providing a controlled dispensing system that minimizes contact, thereby maintaining the sterility of the wipes used with the UV Smart D60.

Details: One carton containing 4 dispensers.


Pre-perforated wipes for quick access.


Pre (cleans) effectively without additional agents.

Secure transport and storage


Transport Tray

Offers a secure and hygienic solution for transporting and storing endoscopes, designed to resist high temperatures and protect against spills, dust, and debris.


Stackable, nestable and spill-resistant.


Fits ISO standard storage systems.


Protective Smiley Covers

Ensures the safe segregation of used and unused endoscopes or TEE probes, with color-coded indicators that simplify management and enhance safety in handling.


Color-coded for quick identification.


Easy to replace for continuous hygiene.


Transport Cart

Streamlines the mobility and storage of endoscopes and probes within department


Smooth rolling with brake stability.


Holds multiple trays for efficient organization.


Flight Case

Designed for mobility and protection, this Flight Case ensures the UV Smart D60 can be transported securely to any location. It’s perfect for dynamic healthcare settings requiring versatility and rapid deployment.

Mobility: Equipped with durable wheels for smooth transportation.

Protection: Sturdy construction shields the UV Smart D60 from impacts and environmental factors.

Quick set up:

Allows for fast setup and relocation, crucial for emergency responses and routine reconfigurations.

Compliance Support:

Enables hands-on training and helps maintain readiness for inspections and infection control protocols.

Endoscope Storage Solutions

Provides versatile storage options that meet ISO hygiene standards, made with durable materials that ensure a long service life while protecting sensitive equipment.


Modular components for tailored setups.


Made with robust materials for prolonged use.


8-Tray Spacious Storage Cabinet


8-Tray Tray Compact Storage Cabinet


10-Tray Spacious Storage Cabinet


10-Tray Compact Storage Cabinet

Compliance and audit readiness

Barcode Sticker – Starter Kit


Facilitates a comprehensive audit-ready (track and trace) system for flexible channel-less endoscopes and TEE probes or personal badge, improving safety protocols and accountability with UV-C light-resistant materials.


  • 33 UV-C resistant vinyl stickers
  • USB for easy setup
  • Comprehensive setup instructions


Complete package to start your tracking system without additional purchases necessary


Durable and UV-C resistant stickers.

Barcode Sticker – Refill pack (33 stickers)


Ideal for replenishing your track and trace system, this refill pack provides 33 additional UV-C resistant barcode stickers to continue your existing protocols without interruption.


Ensures the seamless continuation of tracking capabilities with the same high-quality standards as the original kit.


Durable and UV-C resistant stickers.

RFID Tag – Starter Kit


Provides a robust tracking framework for endoscopes, utilizing UV-C resistant tags that guarantee the longevity and reliability of the tracking system.


  • 20 UV-C resistant RFID tags
  • USB for easy setup
  • Comprehensive setup instructions


Simple setup with comprehensive instructions.


Tags withstand UV-C light and wear.

RFID Tag – Refill pack (10 Tags)


Provides additional RFID tags to supplement your existing tracking system. This refill pack ensures continuous tracking capabilities without interruption.


Seamlessly expands your current tracking system with identical tags, maintaining uniformity.


Durable and UV-C resistant stickers.

Validation stickers – (roll of 1000 units)


Ensures the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection by providing easy-to-use indicators that validate the adequacy of UV-C dosage, crucial for maintaining safety and compliance with disinfections standards.

Ease of Monitoring:

Simple application and instant visual feedback on UV-C exposure.


Offers reliable, periodic checks to maintain treatment standards.

Compliance and audit readiness

Digital and print traceability options

UV soft digital tracking system – only sold with the maintenance kit


UV Soft provides a seamless integration with hospital systems, offering real-time access to reprocessing data, which enhances traceability and compliance with health regulations. This system supports complete digital documentation and audit readiness, making it the superior choice for modern healthcare environments.

Real-Time Data Access: Connects directly to hospital information systems for up-to-date reprocessing information.

Enhanced Traceability: Ensures every step in the disinfection process is logged and accessible.

Audit-Readiness: Simplifies compliance reviews with automatic record-keeping.

Operational Efficiency:

Reduces time spent on manual record-keeping.

Increased Accuracy:

Minimizes human error in data entry and record management.



As an alternative to digital traceability, the printer offers a reliable solution for producing physical records of validation tickets, reports, and logs directly from the UV Smart D60 device. Suitable for facilities preferring or requiring hard copies for compliance and operational records.

Direct Printing: Allows for instant printing at the point of use, which accommodates facilities

Traceability: Provides tangible proof of compliance and operational integrity, crucial for audits and quality assurance protocols.


Enables immediate access to printed records without additional steps.


Supports environments where digital solutions are impractical or unavailable.

Safe-handling and ergonomics

Foot pedal


Enhances accessibility and ergonomics of the UV Smart D60 device by enabling hands-free, effortless opening of the device door, which is particularly beneficial for users with physical limitations or those seeking to prevent strain. Additionally, the hands-free operation minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, promoting a safer and more hygienic environment.


Simplifies operation for users with disabilities or back problems, making the device more user-friendly.


Supports a healthier workspace by minimizing the need for physical exertion and bending.

Continuous care and maintenance


Device Cleaner

Ensures optimal performance and helps keep the UV Smart D60 device in excellent condition, enhancing its efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Details: One box containing three spray bottles.


Formulated to be compatible with the UV Smart D60


Safely cleans without scratching or leaving residue on sensitive surfaces, preserving the clarity and functionality of the device


Validation tool

Provides a scientifically validated method for regular performance checks of UV Smart products and their sensors and safety for the user, ensuring they meet health standards and function optimally.


Facilitates regular and accurate checks of equipment performance, conducted by a certified third party or a reseller.


Aligns with critical safety and quality protocols necessary for patient care environments.


Maintenance Kit for Standalone D60

Specifically designed for the UV Smart D60 without integration to UV Soft. This kit provides all necessary maintenance and validation tasks to ensure the device performs optimally.


Maintenance Kit Including Yearly UV Soft Subscription

This comprehensive maintenance kit for the UV Smart D60 includes a yearly subscription to UV Soft, enhancing maintenance capabilities with advanced software integration. Provides real-time access to reprocessing data and seamless connectivity to hospital information systems (HIS), enhancing traceability and compliance.

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