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The Green standard introduces a sustainable approach for enhancing infection prevention in healthcare environments. It sets a standard for the use of UV-C disinfection devices, providing detailed guidelines to support these devices effective integration into healthcare workflows.

Specifically designed for semi-critical medical devices such as flexible ENT
channel-less endoscopes, rigid ENT endoscopes, TEE probes, and ultrasound
probes, the Green standard prioritizes patient safety, sustainability and
workflow efficiency.

The Green standard:

Challenges in infection control

The Green standard was created to address 5 critical challenges in healthcare:

Waste Reduction

High chemical and consumable waste

Regulatory Compliance

Challenges in meeting healthcare standard

Patient Safety

Inconsistent disinfection leading to infection risks

Workflow Efficiency

Time-consuming and costly processes

Sustainability Advocacy

Striving to lead by example in healthcare sustainability

What is the



A sustainable and compliant approach to enhance infection through four major components:


A step-by-step disinfection guideline for efficient disinfection using UV-C light


A detailed verification and validation report about the UV-C disinfection device


Essential accessories for efficient UV-C disinfection


Various ready-for-use educational materials for training purposes

Results and Benefits

Sustainable healthcare

Delivers superior High-Level Disinfection through:

• Automation

• Consistency

• Traceability

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Streamlined Workflow

• 87.5% decrease in disinfection time

• 2.5 Full-Time Employees’ time freed up for enhanced patient care

• Continuous availability of medical equipments

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Sustainable Healthcare


• Chemical use reduced by 1547 liters

 • Water consumption decreased by as much as 7875 liters

 • CO2 emissions cut by approximately 8703.65 kilograms

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Results and Benefits

Economic Efficiency

• 41% cheaper than current disinfection methods

• Save up on chemical and consumable costs

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Compliant Standard

• Compliant with international safety and quality standards such as EN-15883−4 and EN-14885:2018

• Approved clinical data

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The Green standard: